Dynojet Kits

Kawasaki Ninja 250

Kawasaki Ninja 250. Even the entry level bikes can benefit greatly with a Yoshimura TRC slip on, KN air filter and Dynojet carb kit. When you don't have much to start with every bit counts and that's another 10% horse power across the range

Kawasaki Ninja 250

Kawasaki Ninja 250

  Kawasaki Ninja 250

Kawasaki Ninja 250 Chart

Dynojet Kit on Honda Hornet 600
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Dynojet Kit on '99 R6

YZF R1 2002 Dyno Graph
Yamaha R6 99
Yamaha R6 99 Dyno Graph
Yamaha R6 99

Yamaha R6 99-01, improved throttle response and midrange 10 hp see graph above.
You wont believe how much difference this kit makes to your bike on the road. Smoother idle, easy start up, better cruise and heaps more response when you crack the throttle open.

What does it cost? 

Dynojet carb kit    $195.00
Installation and dynotune $255.00

Kawasaki ZRX11\12  Dynojet kit

This is a great jet kit for improved throttle response and midrange, it will give these bikes more grunt down low without sacrificing top end. If you already have a bolt on muffler or full system you need one of these. Price includes parts and fitting - $495.00 

Kawasaki ZRX11\12 Graph
Kawasaki ZRX11\12

Yamaha XJR1300 Rejet

This XJR1300 was rich up top end and lean in the mid-range. It has a pipe and KN filter however the airbox intake was too small. After it was modified the top end richness returned to normal and by raising the needle position we fixed up the mid-range for a smoother ride and an extra 4 horse power up top 


Yamaha XJR1300 Rejet


Yamaha XJR1300 Rejet Chart

“feel the difference”

Honda CBR600F4 Dynojet kit
This kit will give your bike a big wake up call. With or without an exhaust the result will be much like the example above. Prices includes fitting and dyno tuning. $495.00 

Honda CBR600F4 Dyno Graph
Honda CBR600F4 Dyno Graph

Triumph Trophy stage 2 upgrade
Triumph Trophy 900 graph.jpg
Triumph Trophy 900 graph

Heres a great mod to do if you own one of these and just want a bit more power to keep up with your mates.
It requires that you throw away the airbox which quite frankly has got to be one of worst air intakes around. 
Fit a good set of K&N pods or uni filters, and a dynojet carb kit - note that if you have one with high mileage then replace the needle jets as well because they will be worn and the bike will run too rich with the jet kit installed. They aren't expensive and Triumph normally carry them in stock. 

As you can see from the photos you can hardly even tell the airbox is missing when it's all back together, and it has more power everywhere
"feel the difference"

What does it cost? 

Uni Filter kit $120.00
Dynojet carb kit $220.00
installtion and dyno tune $450.00

Triumph Trophy 900 bad airbox.jpg
Triumph Trophy 900 bad airbox
Triumph Trophy 900 pods 2.jpg
Triumph Trophy 900 pods 2

See also this article on fitting a Dynojet kit to a VTR


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