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Hesitation: the root of all evil

I recently purchased a new CBR1100XX and, getting straight to the point, as is the case with just about every bike sold here in Australia today it had a hesitation and surging problem anywhere between 60 and 100km per hour when I'm just cruising along at a steady throttle. 

Interestingly, Honda actually brag about the fuel mixtures they deliberately set up on their new bikes, about 14.5:1 air fuel ratio, claiming smoother power delivery and better fuel economy. This was all making sense to me as it's one of the most common issues I deal with on a daily basis and I'm sure it's due to the tough ADR compliance regulations manufacturers have to overcome. So if you're riding around on a new or new secondhand bike telling yourself "that must be just how it is", well I'm telling you it's not just how it is, it's simply how it has to be to get  through ADR compliances.

The good news it can be corrected and here's how to do it, be warned though, any modification which effects ADR compliances ie exhausts, rejetting, remaping etc may result in a fine from those whom we all love and respect if you ride on the road. The unit I use is our very own DFMS (Dynobike fuel mangement system) see picture below. Available for many models they are supplied with the appropriate wirng harness and plug in directly to the injectors, which in my case I have 4. Once plugged in, find a suitable spot under the seat to house the unit and following the instructions you can then go through all the modes to fine tune it, though in most cases you probably won't need to as most of the hard work has been done in our dyno room to come up with best all round setting for your application. In my case I have set it up for a stock standard bike with no modifications, if I choose to change the exhaust or air filter down the track there's still plenty of adjustment available in the unit without getting into trouble. Below you can see the air fuel charts before and after showing how lean it was in this area, on the road it's now very smooth and responsive and much nicer to ride in the traffic.

Price for the unit $475.00, and there you go if you are suffering from the same symptoms then there is an easy way to fix it without the need for expensive tuning tools requiring hours of dyno time, wear and tear on your bike.

It's now very easy to fit and inexspensive to buy, and you will "feel the difference". 



Moto Guzzi Breva 800 remap

The problem is always the same, it's just the bike that changes. 

Rough idle, uneven cruise and stumble at low speeds. 

The reason? Yup, you got it: running lean. 

How do we fix it? Simple; remap it. We used the Dynobike manager and all the problems went away. Mission accomplished.

"feel the difference" 

Triumph Daytona 955i remap

This one came to us with snatchy throttle, hard to get off the line, low speed stumble and sometimes hesitation when cruising around at a constant speed.

The cause? Running lean.
The remedy? Remap it using a Dynobike fuel manager.

And the final result: no more stumble, hesitation or snatchy throttle with a bonus of more power right through the rev range.

"feel the difference" 

GSXR1000 05 model with slipon muffler and high flow air filter

Looking at graph 1 you'll see two air fuel curves at around 10% throttle 2500rpm up to 6000rpm. This area is generally where you spend most of your time, cruising from about 50 km up to about 120 km per hour. This bike was a bit snatchy and rough with the stock air fuel curve (the red line) and as you can see the air fuel ratio is getting up to 15 parts of air to 1 part fuel (15:1) creating a lean condition, between 3000rpm and 4000rpm, very annoying when you're negotiating traffic.

Fitting the DFMS unit (Dynobike Fuel Management System) as shown in the pictures below we have enrichened the air fuel ratio to around 13:1 (see graph 1-blue line), which has transformed this bike into one that's much more responsive, easier to control in traffic and much smoother to ride at a steady throttle.

The big bonus:  more power right through the rev range with a maxium increase of about 8hp, see graph 2.

"Feel the difference"



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