GSXR1000K3 Hot-up

Honda Hornet 600 - Click for Larger Image

High Performance Engine Rebuild on Suzuki GSXR

Here's how you not just keep up with the new model bikes, but blow them into the weeds. 

All you need to do is fit a big bore piston kit, 1mm oversize valves, some good cams, and port and flow the cylinder. We also put Falicon rods in this one because it gets flogged mercilessly ridden quite hard.

UPDATE: this engine has now done over 50,000km and still has 175 hp

Enjoy the pictures and "feel the difference" 

GSXR1000_K3_10_Nice_muffler.jpg GSXR1000_K3_04_Falicon_conrods.jpg GSXR1000_K3_05_ported_head.jpg
GSXR1000_K3_07_Cams_and_valves.jpg GSXR1000_K3_16_torque_graph.jpg GSXR1000_K3_09_New_exhaust.jpg


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