Harley Fuel Injection Management

Dynobike Fuel Injection Controller - Smooth power for your Harley-Davidson.

Taming the Beast

This is an interesting example because the bike had very good horsepower figures as long as you held the throttle wide open everywhere you go. Fine on the open road perhaps, but not much fun around town.

The problem is that at normal riding speeds in and out of traffic this bike was almost impossible to control, a bucking, spitting, backfiring pain in the backside... well, you get the picture.

If you look at the top line (blue) you can see the air fuel ratio is extremely "LEAN", at worst almost off the scale. Fixing this problem is more about making the ride enjoyable and controllable rather than enhancing the horsepower. 


Though it will now make more power after fitting a DFMS (Dynobike fuel management system) with much better low down grunt and response, the end result of correcting the fuel in this low throttle zone is smooth power delivery with a predictable transition from off the throttle to on, no backfiring or stumbling, and in some cases maybe even better fuel economy. 

Frankly there really is no better way to instantly improve your fuel-injected Harley without over-rated, expensive software downloads, modules and dyno tuning.

I did run this one up on our dyno to check that everything was good to go and also because I can. However anyone with some common sense can buy one of these DFMS (Dynobike fuel management systems), fit it to their bike and get a very good result without spending time and money on dyno tuning or dealer software downloads. 

Best of all, you can even fine-tune the setting that comes standard for your application, either on the day you fit the controller or later on when you do the next stage of modifications. No guesswork, no computers and no more downloads. You now have everything you need to tune your bike. 

"feel the difference"

*What's it cost?
DMFS complete with instructions $450.00
Express post to your door $15.00   Australia wide only 

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