Chris Bryson Hayabusa Speed Record Attempt

He will attempt to get his 1300cc Hayabusa motorbike up to 329km/h and break the current land speed record in the MPS-G 1350cc class during Dry Lakes Racers Australia speed week at Lake Gairdner, South Australia.

“290km/h to 300km/h is where it gets tough,” said Chris, “It’s not the sort of thing you can train for because there’s nowhere else you can do those speeds.”

April Update

The times & classes as below

APS/G 1350.   215 mph (old record 155 mph )

APS/F. 1350.   211 mph   
( Problem with fairing or it would've gone faster than 215 mph)

Then removed fairing to run in open classes as below. 

A/G 1350. 187 mph. 
(First run with no fairing )

A/F. 1350.  198 mph
Second run with no fairing & rode it a bit better. 

APS is altered partial streamlining.  ( fairing on )
G is gas class ( basically means pump petrol )
F is fuel class ( means you can put anything in the tank you want)
A is altered but no streamlining 
So I ran two classes with the fairing on (APS ) & two classes with the fairing off A/G & A/F

Suzuki_GSXR1300_Bryson_2.jpg Suzuki_GSXR1300_Bryson_3.jpg

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North West 200 highlights

Alastair Seeley and Cameron Donald in an exciting duel in the Supersport race at the North West 200
Cameron Donald puts in a stunning performance in the 2011 North West 200 under very wet conditions.

Australian Contender for TT Crown

The penultimate practice session for the 2009 Isle of Man TT Races saw perfect weather once more and what a night it turned out to be. Australian ace Cameron Donald unofficially shattered the outright lap record and a speed of 131.457mph was over eight and a half seconds inside John McGuinness’ lap of 130.354mph set during the 2007 Senior race. Full story...

Followup story including news of Donald's Kiwi team mate Bruce Anstey who also achieved a 130mph lap! Followup...

Cameron Donald, Aussie TT Rider


Formula Extreme Racing

Dynobike Wins Victorian Championships
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Yamaha YZF R1

The image to the right shows the bike as it was picked up from Yamaha Australia. It has been fully assembled and Steve is put a few kilometres on it before stripping it in preparation for the Formula Extreme Championship, with Cameron Donald as pilot.

For the first round in February '03 the suspension was upgraded with Racetech valving in the front and an Extreme Tech rear shock. A full Hindle race system has been installed and the fuel injection remapped to suit. 

Keep watching this site for updates and race results as we progress. For latest on engine developments, click here. We'll also be posting various other racebike enhancements

Yamaha YZF R1

Yamaha YZF R1


This bike in road trim has 165 hp measured on our Dynojet dyno. After fitting the Hindle full exhaust system, the airbox was modified to increase air flow and a KN filter fitted. 

The cylinder head has been ported and flow tested, compression increased to 12:1. All this power requires better brakes which was achieved with Spiegler steel braided brake lines and an Extreme Tech steering damper for stability at high speeds. 

Formula Extreme Racing Reports


Yamaha R1 in Road Trim

Yamaha R1 in Road Trim

165hp on Dyno

Yamaha R1 165hp on Dyno

Race Bike in Crate



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