VTR1000 Tuning Tips

The best buck for horse power gain you will ever spend! 

The best thing you can do to the VTR  is fit a Dynojet kit and BMC or KN air filter. 

These bikes also have a restrictor fitted to the manifold which can be removed, but do not do this unless you are fitting the jet kit. After some tuning the result is about another 10 hp and heaps more midrange.

VTR1000 Bolt-on Horsepower

What’s it cost?
Dynojet kit $210.00 *
BMC air filter (optional) $143.00 *
Remove restrictor fit Dynojet kit and tune $595.00 *

*Prices may not be current - please phone or email.

VTR1000 Manifold Rubbers with & without restrictors
VTR1000 Manifold Rubbers with & without restrictors

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