Winton Victorian Championships

Round one results.

YZF R1 2003
YZF R1 at Winton
Friday Practice

This weekends race meeting was for us just a warm up for the Formula Xtreme series being held here in four weeks time. Honda Australia with there million dollar budget also took advantage of this meeting to do some much needed testing. This in turn would give us a good gauge as to how close we are and opportunity to take it to them.

We continued to make minor adjustments to suspension using our old tyres from the previous Formula Extreme meeting because we were short on tyres.
At the end of the day we put on a new set of tyres and posted a best time of 1:26.00. 

Saturday Qualifying

For the first qualifier we elected to fit a 190 rear which we had not had any experience with. Cameron posted a best to of 1:25.60 with three laps consistently in the 1:25 bracket. For the second qualifier we went back to the 180 rear as Cameron was running wide on corner exit and was having to work hard to get the bike to turn in.
We were not able to improve on the first session with the final result, qualifying in 3rd. The two factory Honda bikes with 1:24.38 and the second bike with 1:25.50
Bear in mind that Michelin were fitting new tyres for every session and in the second session fitted new rear tyres half way through the session.

Saturday 4 lap race 500cc to unlimited

This race was a little bit interesting as the Honda boys decided to run the new 600's, I suspect hoping for an upset victory for the new bike against the Yamaha R1.

This was not to be and Cameron won easier conserving our only race tyres for tomorrow.

Sunday race one unlimited 10 laps

Cameron got a great start and lead the field through turn one followed very closely by Johnson on the first of the factory Honda's. The two made a clean break from the rest of the field but before one lap was completed Johnson has crash out of the race and it was stopped. On the restart Cameron again led through turn one this time with the Factory Honda of Brooks hot on his tail. The pair pulled a 2 second gap on the rest of field until Brooks also high sided out of the race braking his collarbone.

As the tyres had already done a qualifying session the best of them was gone and Tozer on an R1 using fresh Dunlop's pulled Cameron in eventually take 1st over the line by 2 seconds. 

Unfortunately for Tozer he passed Cameron under a yellow flag and in the official results for race one was relegated to 2nd place.

Sunday race two unlimited 10 laps

For race 2 we elected to fit the 190 rear which had only done about 10 laps. Again Cameron was first into turn one but Tozer was right behind and by lap 2 had taken the lead. Cameron chased hard for 10 laps but had to settle for a safe second, some two and half seconds behind.

Sunday 20 lap Trophy race

Our biggest problem for this race was not having any tyres left. We elected to stay with the 190 rear which had now done over 20 laps. The biggest problem was that front tyre had done the 2 qualifying sessions and 24 laps at race pace. All our other fronts had done just as much work so the choice was really made for us.

We reversed the front tyre and softened up the suspension. Cameron again lead the field for 2 laps before Tozer got past. We were hoping that Tozer would tire and Cameron would then be able to pull him back in and hopefully take the lead back. But this was not to be, though the tyres as worn as they were held up very well and by the end of the race Cameron was still lapping at 1:26's consistently, finishing a comfortable 2nd 15 seconds behind Tozer.


The weekend was very successful and if nothing else he found that the Pirelli tyres really do provide long life without dramatic loss of performance. 

I am sure that if we had plenty of fresh tyres the result would have been different. As we are on a very limited budget and the Formula Xtreme in our main priority we simply could not afford to burn up a lot of new tyres. One thing is for sure though, our opposition were very much aware of us and know that they have got a fight on their hands at the next Formula Extreme round to be held at the same track in four weeks time.

Thank you for your support.

David Edgecombe

Formula Extreme Racing

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