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XJR1400 Big bore kit
XJR1300 1400cc Big Bore Kit
XJR 1400cc Kit

The XJR 1300 would have to be one the best all round road bikes, very functional and practical, maybe a little heavy, not that you notice too much when you're riding it, nice comfy seat for Princess to rest her toosh on so you donít get an earfull at the end of a ride, good size fuel tank, no fairings to damage when you drop it and a great looking big chunky engine, last but not least the price tag. No need to say any more.

But how do we make it go like a 1300cc bike should? Easy... bore it to 1400cc, add in some flat slide carbs and a good exhaust system, now youíve got yourself about 160 hp of grunt. 

Hang on tight cause hereís how to do it.

Wossner, a German piston manufacturer whose customers include F1 teams make a piston kit which  has pistons and sleeves 4 mm oversize, bringing the capacity up to 1400cc. 

The crankcases are large enough that no other machining apart from the barrel is required and it all drops in with room to spare. The stock barrels are bored to take the new cast iron sleeves which are then bored to suit the forged pistons. 

We had already ported and flow tested the cylinder head on a previous occasion so no further work was required other than a general inspect and decarbon, and reseating the valves. 

By the way, this bike has now clocked up over 50,000 km and was already putting out 145 hp (stock is 110 hp). The owner was complaining of clutch slip which he puts down to some silly business in front of his mates while under the influence of some kind of liquid available in a green bottle. So yes they are strong engines which if looked after can take on the extra load for many hard kilometres without a problem. Even so we decided to play it safe and not put in too much compression, bearing in mind that the owner doesnít always have premium fuel available to him.

XJR1300 1400cc Big Bore KitThe machining work turned out taking longer than planned because not only did the barrels need to be bored to a fine tolerance, but the cast iron sleeves which were then inserted required another 4mm of machining to accommodate the larger pistons. 

Apart from that it was all plain sailing, though we did modify the spiggots on the Keihin flat slides, moving the carbs about 15mm closer to the cylinder head.

The cams and the cam timing all remain stock standard and in fact we didnít even need to do any major rejetting work. The dyno runs speak for themselves, you be the judge.

What it Costs*

It's not cheap but the result is well worth it.

Wossner Piston kit  $1500.00

Keihin flat slide carbs  $2200.00

or Mikuni flat slides   $1650.00

Port and flow Head  $1200.00

Machine and fit sleeves for new pistons  $850.00

Over 4 into1 exhaust  $1495.  00

Labour to strip and assemble  $800.00

Dyno and tune   $350.00

Gaskets  $200.00

* Prices are out of date. Please contact us for current prices.

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