Yamaha R1 Performance Upgrade

Extra 6-8 horsepower with simple airbox mod

Yamaha R1 02-03.  5-8hp with modified air box.

Here's how it's done:

Remove the air box and you'll see a small plastic flap just behind the bottom of the steering head see Pic 1 std intake. Using a razor blade cut this flap off. This will leave you with an un-obstructed hole for clean air to enter. See Pic 2

Take the stock air box see Pic 3 and remove the lid and air filter see Pic 4, Remove the rubber snorkel. Between the 2 front bolt holes where you have just removed the snorkel using a hacksaw, cut this section out to roughly double it's original size see Pic 5
Once you have cleaned up all the rough edges assemble the air box with a BMC or KN air filter and install it back on the bike.

Fit a Dobeck TFi part no FI - 1020 following the instructions supplied, starting with the base setting, also supplied, go for a short ride and keep increasing the fuel until you can no longer feel any improvement or, alternately go done to you local dyno outlet and dial it in there, it shouldn't take more than an hour or so. 
PS tuning instructions are also included with the Dobeck and is simple to understand and follow.

If you have already done a base run before on the dyno, after it's tuned you should see anywhere from 5-8 hp improvement.

Please note that you MUST remap the fuel injection for this modification, if you are in doubt do not attempt this job, take it to someone who is qualified.

See graph below

If you want us to do it for you here's what it will cost *

Airbox and intake modification $100.00
BMC air filter $145.00
Dobeck TFi FI-1020 $340.00
Install Dobeck, dyno and tune to suit $265.00

* Prices may vary - please phone or email for current advice.

r1_abx_Pic 1 STD INTAKE R1.JPG
r1_abx_Pic 1 STD INTAKE R1
r1_abx_Pic 2 MOD INTAKE R1.JPG
r1_abx_Pic 2 MOD INTAKE R1
r1_abx_Pic 5 MOD AIRBOX R1.jpg
r1_abx_Pic 5 MOD AIRBOX R1
r1_abx_Pic 3 std Airbox R1.JPG
r1_abx_Pic 3 std Airbox R1
r1_abx_Pic 4 airbox lower std R1.JPG
r1_abx_Pic 4 airbox lower std R1


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