ZRX1100 Performance Tuning

150 Horsepower from Kawasaki's ZRX1100 using ZZR1100 cams, Hindle Exhaust and Keihin Flatslides

ZRX1100 hot up

Keihin Flat Slides for ZRX1100
Keihin Flat Slides
ZRX1100 Big Bore Kit
ZRX1100 Big Bore Kit
ZRX1100 Head Modifications
ZRX1100 Head Modifications

This has got to be one of the most pleasing jobs I have undertaken in some time. The brief was to get 150hp - this was a big ask as these bikes only deliver 95hp in stock trim. 

The first thing we dumped was the CV carbs and air box, replacing them with 39mm Keihin flat slides and KN twin pods. We had to  modify the spigots and shorten the intake track to accommodate them, but it was worth the effort.

We fitted 2 mm oversize high compression pistons, and modified the head gasket to squeeze a little more compression out of it. 
The cylinder head is actually not too bad for an old style design though we were able to make good improvements on the flow bench. At this stage I would have said it should put out about 145hp with the ZZR11 cams fitted and some work on the dyno to dial it all in. How wrong I was! With the Hindle full system, cams head work, piston and flat slide carbs it had 150 hp with heaps and grunt and throttle response to match. 

What does it cost? *
Wiseco piston kit $970.00
ZZR1100 cams $350.00
Keihin 39mm flat slides $2200.00
KN twin filters $250.00
Port and flow head $1200.00
Rebore barrel $330.00
Strip and assemble $790.00
Dyno and tune $350.00

*Prices good Nov 2004

ZRX1100 Performance Graph


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